The Practice

Our Health Mission

As a team at Newport Psychology we work under an integrative health model and holistic health philosophy with focus on the mind-body connection. We target mind-body dynamics to promote optimal health and well-being. We take into account the whole person, their lifestyle, emotions, cognitions, medical and psychological health, nutrition, personality traits, and social factors. We believe these are best treated holistically to achieve optimal health. We offer our clients highly specialized and comprehensive assessments, brain training, psychological services, and online education. 

What is QEEG - Brain Mapping?

 QEEG is the measurement and analysis of brainwaves or electrical cortical activity to assess brain function to determine dysfunction and monitor brain function improvement. A comprehensive QEEG report provides brain mapping (color maps of brain functioning), which facilitates assessment and monitoring of changes from interventions such as neurofeedback and lifestyle changes. 

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback also known as EEG (brain wave) biofeedback, neurotherapy, and brain training is utilized to improve brain function and reduce negative symptoms such as insomnia, attention/focus problems, problems with learning, mood and irritability.  It is also a helpful tool in learning mindfulness and meditation, which have been proven to help in the treatment of anxiety, phobias and traumatic stress disorders. 


Get to know your brain

Understand how your brain is functioning and how this may relate to patterns in your life and lifestyle choices. 


Train your brain

Increase productivity, performance, improve sleep and overall quality of life.